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Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre

Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre, Dedicated Exclusively For Eye Procedures



At Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre and Novena Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre, we are proud to present our Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre, located in the very heart of Novena. Our operating theatres [OT] are approved and accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore. Dedicated exclusively for eye procedures, these operating theatres empower our surgeons to safely perform your procedures and treatments, in an extremely sterile environment, while ensuring your utmost confidentiality and privacy.

Be it Cataract, LASIK, GlaucomaAge-related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, or any other ocular conditions, you will benefit from our highly-advanced and artificially-intelligent computer-guided technology that is able to offer you the window to the beauties and wonders of the world. After your comprehensive eye examination, our doctors will see you in your one-to-one private consultation and will advise on the latest treatment options available and will work closely with you to customize the most appropriate treatment for you and will then personally perform your treatment with utmost care and service from the heart.

To learn more about our Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre and to schedule an appointment for your eyes, please reach us at +65 65602220/ 65702220.


Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre and Novena Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre


We are the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore’s only approved and accredited Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre with three in-house Operating Theatres in Singapore and we offer the whole range of eye treatments for all eye conditions. We set the professional standards in eye care with our high level of professionalism, care and understanding from the heart and service with our world-class smile. Your treatment journey to recovery is comprehensively monitored to achieve the outstanding result that is a level above the rest.

Our in-house Operating Theatres are staffed by professional nurses who build rapports and are sensitive, sympathetic and understanding to the needs, anxieties and concerns of our ocular patients, to put them at ease and to provide the best care that they deserve. Besides the utmost care, you will also receive the convenience of the most efficient and artificially-intelligent computer-guided procedures that are space-age beyond human errors. At the same time, you will never feel that you are being rushed. Our doctors, nurses and administrative staff will give you the best experience towards your recovery, with a very minimal downtime, for the high-definition vision that you desire and deserve.


Highest Industry-Wide Safety Standards

We set the highest level of industry-wide safety and hygiene standards because our Operating Theatres are dedicated and focused on minimally invasive eye surgeries, with exceptional safety ratings. With extreme compliance to the safety standards, the Ministry of Health Singapore has approved and accredited our three in-house Operating Theatres at our Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre. 


Treatments and Procedures

There are three operating theatres, [OT]  –  LASIK OT , Manual Cataract OT and Bladeless Laser Cataract OT, complete with their own latest suites of the most advanced technology available to date.

Our Services:

  • Our iDesign iLASIK™ platform is approved by NASA (National Agency for Space Administration) and is trusted and used by their Astronauts and even the United States of America’s Naval Aviators.
  • Cataract surgery procedures can be performed 100% completely bladeless. During this treatment, our surgeons employ the latest advanced Artificially-Intelligent Computer-Guided technology to remove the clouded natural lens and to implant a high-definition (HD) artificial intra-ocular lens in its place, without the surgeons ever needing to hold a blade/knife to cut into the eyes. This procedure reduces likely possible human-errors and the results are reproducibly accurate, with minimal downtime for the patients.
  • Treatments for Glaucoma, the Silent Thief Of Sight, are available in the form of eyedrops that need diligence and compliance to be carried out on a daily basis. Along with this advancement in technology, comes other treatment options for Glaucoma, such as the injectable iStent Inject® (it is less than 0.5 mm in size).  Laser surgery is also available as an alternative option. The patient may also decide for the surgical removal of the eye tissue from the drainage channel to lower the intra-ocular pressure called Trabeculectomy & MMC.
  • Age-related eye macular degeneration (AMD) treatments are available with Anti-VEGFs injections like Avastin and Eylea.
  • Procedures for removal of eyelid issues like Chalazion (a painless benign bump or lump or nodule) on the upper or lower eyelid, which is a result of a healed internal stye that is no longer infectious. These Chalazia form around an oil gland within the eyelid, thus resulting in red, swollen eyelids.
  • ICLs are the implantable contact lenses for patients with thin corneas who are not suitable for LASIK. These implantable contact lenses are implanted under the cornea but above the natural lens. They cannot and do not have to be taken out by the patient, to be washed and soaked in lens solutions like the conventional contact lenses.
  • Pterygium is a pinkish triangular growth of tissue that starts from the corners of the eyes (usually the inner corners) and grows towards the cornea and pupil which may then block the vision if left untreated.
  • Probing and Syringing is a procedure for patients who aren’t able to pass tears for any reasons. An ultra-fine probe is passed through the eyes’ tear ducts to clear away any blockage and/or to widen the tear ducts. This procedure may be necessary for patients with persistent watery eyes and recurrent conjunctivitis. One or both eyes may be affected.


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We are committed to providing you the highest standard of care, starting with the most non-invasive form of therapy with minimal downtime. If surgical treatment is necessary as assessed, you will receive the utmost care, compassion and warm service from our Eye Ambulatory Surgery Centre. To learn more about the latest treatment options and how we can help, contact us now.





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